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"We are someone capable of seeing the unseen faces because the most important things that shape our existence are precisely the ones that never show their faces. -Uknown"

One might ask why are we so fascinated with John Lloyd and Sarah. Hence, this little fandom that was built out of sheer curiosity, magic and love a couple of destinies ago. 

If you really think about it, there really was never a proof of them being together, nor publicized stories giving a hint that something magical has actually transpired between them. How did their chemistry explode into such an enormous ball of perplexities despite their silence? And by silence we really meant, not a single word was spoken by Sarah and John Lloyd themselves,, let alone the people around them.  They never let the press feast on whatever they had. That alone screams mystery and respect to us.

After all, there was nothing really much to dissect. They had two movies, a couple of endorsements, some TV and print interviews, and a few singing productions together. That was the chemistry the whole world had come to know. But that was never just it.

It rooted a lot deeper in ways we probably could never imagine.

Going back to the point that we were trying to make, why the fascination?

Let us start with, well, it doesn’t really matter if we see them together or with someone else. Because in that space in time, I believe that she finishes his thoughts for all of time.

How do you explain to someone, let's say a stranger who’s never been here, feelings that seem quite natural? we guess we could just only try and tell you how these two souls reign in most of our heart’s wishes. 

But words would always fall short to describe them. Their love is out there. Eyes opened or closed, it is there. It is simply felt, merely seen.

But allow us to say this, perhaps? Because to our dear eyes, that in the last four years…

John Lloyd had always been the reciter of a Sarah-inflicted-poetry not everyone has the right heart to understand it.

Sarah on the other hand , strikes to us as someone who’d rather have him at hello… for now.

We always write from the heart. Faith is simply whatever is real to us, and this is what we feel. 

We have loved them in the best way we know how. We will continue to do so even at the risk of being judged. The rest of the world may not grasp but for us it is and will always be a love that is eternally unconditional.

They both are a work in progress, and so are we. 

2013 is ours! Let's claim it!

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